Sod Installations

A Cut Above Landscaping offers a full menu of landscaping services, making it easy to get all your lawn care and landscaping needs met through a single reliable company. We offer the North Texas region sod installation service that is promised to be completely free of weeds, pests, and lawn diseases.

Sod Installation Experts

A Cut Above Landscaping is a well-established vendor in the DFW lawn care industry. Both licensed and insured, we are committed to providing premium quality sod and excellent installation service at an affordable price.

With over 15 years of experience in landscaping services, we have long since identified the best sod supplier in the region, and we use their premium sod exclusively. Not only is it consistently free of pests and weeds, there is also a variety of the most popular grass types. That includes multiple different types of the popular Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda grasses.

Our sod installation process is well-measured and carefully executed. A Cut Above Landscaping will send out a qualified specialist to evaluate your yard, landscape, and sun/shade exposure. We will also make note of any slopes, structures, and larger vegetation that warrants consideration in the installation process. 

Based on these factors, as well as your personal preferences, our experts will then help you explore options and identify the best type(s) of sod for your yard.

Once you’ve made your selection, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that includes the price of the product itself, the delivery, and the installation. We will then work with you to identify an optimal day and time to complete the job. 

Here is what our lawn care professionals will do on the day of installation:

  • Remove all existing grass and vegetation where the sod is to be laid.
  • Mark off sprinkler head locations.
  • Roto-till the ground to loosen the topsoil and promote healthy root growth.
  • Apply a top dressing where needed to even the ground surface.
  • Install the sod in a staggering joint pattern, which reduces the risk of water runoff as the sod begins to take root. 
  • Water-roll the new sod to smooth it out and encourage enhanced root contact.
  • Test the sprinkler system and provide you with post-installation watering instructions.

In addition to the thorough and attentive work our professionals provide in the installation process, we will not leave before making sure you have a clear understanding about follow-up and ongoing care. A Cut Above Landscaping is committed to ensuring that our customers feel satisfied, supported, and well-informed upon the completion of a sod installation, as well as any other landscaping projects we may assist you in.   

To ensure optimal growth and long lasting healthy grass, consider our lawn fertilization service.