Landscape Maintenance Contracts

Denton, TX - Residential & Commercial

A Cut Above Landscaping provides you with full-service, year-round lawn maintenance to help your landscape remain healthy and lush.

Our seasonal services are designed to help your yard thrive through the growing season, and to ensure its health and resiliency during the dormant months.  

lawn maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Includes:

  • Mowing Services:
    • Weekly, during the growing season
    • Biweekly, in late fall/winter
  • Lawn Cleanups:
    • Monthly 
    • Seasonal
    • Fall and Winter Leaf Cleanup
    • Hedges and Flowerbeds 
  • Lawn Fertilization with Weed Control Treatments
  • Tree and Shrub Fertilization
  • Seasonal Shrub and Tree Trimming *

* Trimming services do not include ornamental trees/shrubs. However, customers may request  this to be added to seasonal packages for an additional fee.

A Cut Above Landscaping promises to keep your lawn and landscape clean and attractive with full service landscape contracts.

In addition to weekly maintenance services, we also offer trimming, fertilization, weed control, and general cleanup. 

Each yard is different, which influences the wants and needs you may have regarding lawn care. For this reason, we not only offer basic packages, but we will also offer you a free estimate that tailors to your specific requirements. 

In order to help determine your lawn care needs, our professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your landscape, to include:
* trees, * shrubs, * gardening areas, * sun and shade exposure, * high and low points in your terrain, * landscaping structures such as fountains and paving stones, * other structures such as decks and retaining walls. 

Service quotes vary with regard to your yard and its features, your preferences, and the specific services you request. We provide a free estimate so that you can make an informed decision based on a clear understanding of your options, so that you choose what you agree to pay for.*

* For seasonal services, the first and last month’s fees are requested up-front. The last month’s payment is forfeited if contract cancellation occurs before the 12-month service duration. We require that customers allow a credit card be on file to issue payment at the end of the month. 

* There is typically a need for initial spring cleanup prior to establishing a full-service contract. 

Contact us today to begin enjoying full-service lawn maintenance all year long, with a service package that accommodates your needs. 

Our landscaping professionals are guaranteed to leave you impressed with their knowledge, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.  

Mulching is a task that can come in handy nearly year-round in our temperate North Texas climate. It can be done with lawn shavings, small organic debris such as fallen twigs, and leaves that are gathered in the Autumn. Mulching materials can be mown down for the grass to absorb, or they can be collected and redistributed amongst hedges and flowerbeds. 

Pruning, edging, and weed control are the final 3 components to thorough lawn maintenance. Pruning may seem dismissable, but it actually helps your trees and shrubs focus their resources on thriving stems and branches. Leave it up to our professionals at A Cut Above Landscaping to address these details, as well as basics and the seasonal tasks, in order to give your yard and garden its best chance to remain tidy, healthy, resilient, and beautiful throughout the year.

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